Game Intelligence and Analytics

Video Analysis and Player Scouting

Who Are We?

Welcome to the home of MVP Athletes.

We specialise in video analysis and player scouting across all levels of sports. We use our knowledge and expertise as professional sports analysts to assist in developing talents and aiding players in achieving their full potential.

Browse through our various players and clubs from leagues and schools all over South Africa.

What Do We Do?

We record players and clubs matches and making use of our professional sports coding software, our team of professional sports analysts capture ALL players and team actions. Teams and players are given EXCLUSIVE access to ALL of their clips and statistics so they may review their performances.

Team and player highlights are uploaded to our YouTube channel and website and can be shared with ANYONE, ANYWHERE and at ANYTIME!!!!


Record - Capture and Code - Upload and Analyse - Share

Why Do We Do What We Do?

Education in the classroom is essential for any student to succeed in a professional environment, so why have we neglected education in sports? We are passionate about developing youth and ensuring they have the best chance at becoming a professional athlete.

BUT there is a HUGE gap between youth development and professional sports; we aim at closing that gap while also producing professional athletes with a sound knowledge of their sport.

Team Analytics

Player Analytics