As we kick off 2020, we’re excited to announce the official launch of MVP ATHLETES.

It has been founded by Lucian Friedman, a professional sports analyst based in South Africa, Johannesburg, who has a passion for sports and youth development. Having been with various teams across all levels of football, from schools sports to assisting the South African women’s national soccer team (Banyana Banyana) in the 2019 Cosafa Cup and going on to win it, he has tons of experience that he wants to share and aid young players with their journey to becoming the best sports persons they can be!

Education in sports forms a crucial part in player development and a player improving their performances, eliminating mistakes, being consistent, understanding tactics, improving decision making and will help them reach and cope at the highest levels in sports. The use of analysis has been used as a development tool across European sports teams over for the passed 30 years, it is about time we are given the same opportunities so we may reach the same levels. 

Making use of our knowledge of professional sports, we have put together a programme to assist teams and players in reaching their goals through the use of post match performance analysis and using clips from relevant international matches. Clubs can receive team performance reports, individual player reports as well as ALL team and individual player video clips to use them alongside the reports to achieve the best results and performances from their squads.

Focused around development, we aim to get athletes at a young age and teach them the game as they grow and assist coaches with moulding them into future stars and the kinds of players they require. 

Through the use of our reports, video footage and online team and player profiles, we aim at getting young prospects spoken about by the biggest clubs. Whether players goals are to play in Africa, the USA or even Europe, our online platform will allow scouts all around the world to view players growth and progress. Clubs and players are able to market themselves globally by sharing their clips and profiles, making it easier to land that big move abroad and reach their dreams

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